d4a53399c122005ab7cc26bb6eeddb85Our new Realtor Subscription is designed specifically to create Individual Realtor websites!

 FW Real Estate Realtor includes all basic features you might need to rent or sell your properties. 
 Realtor websites are especially sought-for in the USA and Canada.
 We have added all features to ensure the greatest efficiency of your website to our component.

 Easy setup with which a beginner can easily adjust the Realtor Package without any serious develop knowledge, since the package has a convenient and intuitive  back-end with all parameters easily adjustable. 

  Using this subscription you can: RealtorDemo
- Sell/rent out up to 700 properties;  - Use detail search form with simple and advanced modes;
 - Customize the listing and select the search options required;
 - Show your property listing via 3 view types;
- Present your property in a beautiful way with the gallery, videos, slideshow, pdf brochures;
- Use  advertising status labeles (sold, bonus, new etc) to make your potentional client interested in the  definite real estate object;
 - Allow your clients know possible time to purchase the property with open house feature;
 - Let your visitor share desired properties via Facebook or Twitter, e-mail a friend, add to favourite list;
 - Protect your website through Captcha inquiry form. 
 Technical Benefits:
 Clean design optimized for smartphones, tablets and desktops;
 Multiple domains usage without any extra fees;
 Reliable code and well organized file structure. Joomla standards applied;
 FW Real Estate Realtor 1.0 tested on the latest Joomla! Version.

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