Long hours editing your photo give you a perfect result and personal satisfaction. Nevertheless, if you don’t have a website, all your work may be undertaken in vain. To prevent this from happening, make sure your website is up-to-date and showcases your work perfectly. As technologies and standards change, your website may become outdated if it doesn’t change.

Therefore keep an eye on current trends in website design.
6 Trendy Effects of Presentation for Photography Website

1. Animation on your website

A trend that may become a key feature for the success of your website. It adds liveliness to a website and turns it into something more than just a site. Animations are being used more and more to enhance a site’s storytelling, making the experience more interactive and entertaining. However, you can’t just stick animation in anywhere. Consider carefully whether it adds to your site’s story elements and personality.
Remember that loading animations are best when simple. Forget extraneous effects like sound or outlandish designs. Animations should match the personality of the site itself, whether fun and cartoony, or professional and elegant.

2. Slideshows

How do you show several images to a customer in the first seconds of his being on a website? By using an image slider on a home page.Animated galleries and slideshows showcase multiple images without distracting the user. Slideshows are easy to use because they naturally mimic real-life photo album functionality.

3. Backgrounds

Modest animated background can add a certain vitality to a website. The key is moderation — perhaps a gentle movement of the entire image.
As with other areas of animation, simplicity is advised. Remember that every motion on the screen attracts attention, so too much animation at the same time creates chaos.

4. Original design

If you are going to showcase your work , the very design of a template should be simple and easy in order not to overload the viewer’s senses.
The advantage of a custom design is that your website will stand out. With an original design, it’s also possible to create a unique user experience for website visitors.

5. Personal branding

Personal branding has important for photographers which affect the design and content of their websites.
It’s also common for a photography website to have a personal blogging section. A few photographers even host podcasts, webinars, and advertise master classes on their websites.

6.  Flat design 

Flat design is a minimalist design language which doesn’t distract a user’s attention and the customers will find exactly what they need – no more, no less.
Flat design doesn’t use effects that create depth, like shadows and textures, or any other design elements. Because flat design is simple and efficient, keep a website clean and beautiful. Also works well for a photography website because it puts the main focus on the photographer’s work.

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